April 30, 2015

Will I Survive? One Room Challenge: Week 5

Happy Thursday! Only one more week until the end of the One Room Challenge and the final reveal of the playroom! Will I survive? Only time will tell! If you're just joining me, here's the 4-1-1:  five weeks ago I committed myself to a nut house, just kidding, I committed myself to a six week challenge to transform our storage-free office into an outdoorsy, cabin-themed playroom. So far we've planked a wall, created built-in cabinetry, and painted a futon.

Outside of my crazed accent-piece-shopping frenzy this past week, we've actually accomplished quite a bit this week.

The built-in, cubbies, and quarter round have all been painted.
Some of the cabinet hardware has been installed.

One Room Challenge: 6 Weeks to Transform an Office into a Fun, Outdoorsy, Cabin-Themed Playroom

I spray painted the caged pendant lights (they were originally silver)

The hubby put together these thingamabobs.
I have since stained them but one came out  sub par do we have to re-do it.
Anyone want to take a guess on what I'm doing with these?
I'm SUPER excited about this project!

I've purchased and been playing around with accessories as well, including fabric for the no-sew curtains I made this week. It was a toss-up between the buffalo check and the Aztec fabric. I LOVED both of them!
Guys, seriously, I am the world's most indecisive person! Soooooo...
I took a vote over on Instagram  and it was pretty much split down the middle. Insert head explosion.  I lost some sleep over it and in the end my decision came down to time constraints (one would arrive quicker than the other) and the width of the fabric. I know, thank god, I'm not running this country.
Which one do you think I picked?

With only one week left, I see the light at the end of the tunnel but I'm at the point where I'm left with a long list of all the little to-dos and well, let's just say, thank god for wine!

Wish me luck!!
Make sure to follow along on Instagram, where I'll be sharing sneak peeks before the final reveal!

Also, check out the fellow One Room Challenge participants here.
Surely, some of them will be my friend in ORC rehab, right?

To Do List:

Paint Room
Replace Carpet
Plank Wall
Create Built-In/ Cubby Space
Paint Built-In All One White
Make Window Treatment
Buy or DIY Window Hardware
Find Cabinet Pulls
Hang Wall Art
Make over Ugly Fan
Paint Kid's Table
Paint Futon
Change Slipcover
Create Back-Up Light Pendant Plan
Paint Canoe/Boat Shelf
Place Orders for a Few More Decor Items
Polish Off a Bottle of Wine....Or Two
Lie in Fetal Position and Cry

April 27, 2015

12 Fun DIY Kids Table Makeovers

12 Fun DIY Kid's Table Makeovers

One day while perusing our local Goodwill I came across this kid's table.
Aside from the fact that it's covered in stickers and the motif on top makes it look like something you would recover from the trash cans of  one-time famous designer, Laura Ashley, it had potential.
Plus, it was $2.00. I mean for $2.00 ANY THING can have potential, right?

Delightfully Noted Thrift Store Kid's Table

Delightfully Noted Thrift Store Kid's Table

At the time, Little B was just a teeny tiny blimp on an ultrasound but I brought this little guy home with me because I knew one day it would come in handy. That day is now! There's only a little over a week until the end of the One Room Challenge and the playroom reveal and I'm still scrambling trying to come up with ideas on what to do with this table set.

Here's a round-up of a few of my favorite ideas.

13 Fun DIY Kid's Table Makeovers

 I can't get enough of the playful pops of colors and scalloped design on this set!
It's perfect for a kid's room.

Source -Huss & Hem

This makeover of the ever-so popular Ikea LATT line is so sweet and precious for a girl's room.

Source-Paddington Way

Gosh, isn't this SOOO pretty? The look of this floral table was created with wrapping paper.
YES, wrapping paper!

Source-Milk and Mascara

I love the idea of adding fabric to the kid's chairs and those dipped legs are fantastic.

Source-Cook Like a Champ

Obsessed doesn't even come close to describing how I feel about farmhouse-styled furniture lately!
I blame Fixer Upper for this.

Speaking of "Fixer Upper"....
Jo-Jo is a design goddes. Let's just put that out there....

I vote "YES" for grey! It's my new favorite color.
I also love the addition of the stenciled numbers on the backs of the chairs.

Source-Lolly Jane

This letter pressed inspired kid's table is very Pottery Barn-ish.
Two thumbs up in my book!

I'm so smitten with the contrast of the dark wood and the pops of blue in this set.

Source-Refresh Restyle

Or you can tone it down a notch and mix wood tones with grays. Yummy!

I've toyed with the idea of adding a large chalkboard to one of the playroom walls BUT I CAN NOT stand the feel of chalk, seriously, it gives me the goosebumps. Am I normal? Don't answer that.
I may be able to sacrifice and paint just the top of the table with chalkboard paint like this lovely project.

Source-Funky Fun Finds

Another chalkboard idea AND in my FAVORITE color!
Hmmm...maybe I could get over that chalk phobia.

Source-Lovely Etc

Which ones your favorite?

April 24, 2015

Friday's Dose of Delight| 4.24.2015

Yahoo! It's Friday! After a two week Dose of Delight hiatus, I'm excited to be back this Friday with some of my favorite finds from the thee ol' world wide web. It's a fun one! It involves ice cream  for PMSing. 'Nuff said. Enjoy!

Tired of hearing about my One Room Challenge shenanigans? Then feast your eyes on this lovely dining room makeover from participant, House Updated. I am SO smitten with this gallery wall that Britt was working on and can't wait to see the final results! Seriously, like cotton candy for the eyes....as if that makes any sense. It's Friday. Gimme a break people! Point is a LURRVE it.

Finally, there's an ice cream that feels your PMSing pain...sort of.
Although, "Don't Come Near Me or I Will Shank You"  seems like a ridunkously long flavor title, it needs to be added to the collection. PRONTO!

Have you ever dreamed of buying a camp site? Yeah, me neither, until I came across this article!
A Chicago couple purchased Camp Wandawega (the husband's family use to go there for family retreats) and restore the rundown property.
I'm not even what you would consider an "outdoorsy" type of gal (remember my deep seated fear of opossums?) but this looks like SO much fun!

Were any of you lucky enough to score some Lily Pulitzer swag at Target this past weekend?
I totally slept through my alarm. HA! Alarm? Who am I kidding?
I was half asleep on the couch trying to act excited about  a Thomas the Train episode that I've seen twenty times in the past week.

How sweet is this vintage cake tin light pendant from Adventures of Mel?
Such a unique idea. It had me at cake.......

Have a delightful weekend everyone!
Make sure to stop by next week to see our playroom updates. 
Only 2 more weeks left of the One Room Challenge


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