January 22, 2015

Valentine's Day Wreath: The Cinderella Story

Today I'm treating your eyeballs to my Valentine's Day wreath.
In a far away, long away kingdom (aka my basement), 
I found Cinderella (aka an old Christmas wreath gone bad)....
DIY Valentines Day Wreath. Easy, inexpensive, and takes just 10 minutes!

She had a wicked stepmother who treated her badly. 
I mean just look at how unkempt she was!

One day there was a ball at the King's palace but Cinderella was very sad because she didn't have a gown to wear. Suddenly, a fairy godmother appeared (that's me in case you haven't been following along, which is odd because I was also the wicked stepmother) and waved her magical wand (aka my new cordless glue gun) and turned her old clothes into a beautiful new gown! It was really simple, all she did was wrap ribbon around the dress and finished the waist off with a  pretty, burlap lace-trimmed bow.

Everyone was struck by Cinderella's beauty when she entered the palace for the royal ball.
And by "everyone" I mean my 18 month old offspring who believes he's a dog and insists on eating his dinner by licking it off the floor. He is my little prince though and he fell in love with Cinderella and together they ran off together..........no really, I mean he really just took off down the hallway with her.


Valentine's Day Wreath. Easy, inexpensive, and just 10 minutes to make!

Let me know what you think about it in the comments below (about my wreath not my ridiculous storytelling, silly!), find me on Instagram, or come chat with me over on Facebook.

January 20, 2015

All You Magazine Feature

Hello! Happy hump day eve! I've been covered in paint and busy finishing up Little B's nursery  AND getting started on his playroom. Funny how the first two rooms to be completed in our new house are both going to be for someone who is as small as garden gnome. I hope he remembers this someday when he goes to admit me into a nursing home. Hopefully before that day comes I get to work on my dream master suite, until then it's all about the kid, right? 

You want to know what else I've been busy doing? Staring at my February issue of All You Magazine
Next time you're standing in the check out line at Target trying to figure out what it was that you originally came there for you should stop and grab yourself a copy.

Not only is this magazine full of recipes, ways to save money, and fun DIY craft ideas, but you may also notice that I'm in it too! That's right, little ol' me! 

If you're thinking my feature is about how to save money or that I'm sharing my grandmother's famous pasta recipe then you will be deeply disappointed. I believe in money trees and I cook about three times a year.
Instead you can find me on page 11 sharing my "Heart of Gold" Valentine printables

Being featured in All You was a great way to start off my New Year.
Plus, this means I'm too famous now to have to clean out the diaper pail.
I just don't think my hubby got that memo yet!

Now for a little public service announcement for my fellow bloggers:
This was my first time being featured in a magazine, I mean as far as I know I don't think I'm gracing
the cover of any Sports Illustrated out there. Phew.
One BIG lesson I learned from this experience is to keep copies of ALL of your original blog photos--the ones with out the logos and watermarks. Some of you may be thinking "duh!" But up until recently I was deleting all of mine as soon as I posted them. There is nothing that drives me more bonkers than the chaotic, disorganized folders of images I have on my computer right now, so as soon as I posted them on Delightfully Noted I was taking pleasure in dumping them. My theory was if I ever needed them again I could grab them from my blog BUT a lot of times I make my blog pictures Pinterest-friendly with collages and text and watermarks and well, that's not exactly what magazines want.
Luckily, for once my laziness paid off and I just so happen to still have my original "Heart of Gold" pictures but I would hate for any of you to lose out on a fun opportunity in being featured because you went trash crazy on your photos! So if you were doing as I was, change your ways, NOW. You're welcome.

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