November 5, 2014

The Nursery That Was Swallowed by a One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flyin' Purple People Eater

To say that the room transformations at the new house is going painstakingly slow would be an under exaggeration. Cue the chorus though, because ladies and gents we now have a room painted. 
YES. A. ROOM. Well, kind of...

When it came to deciding which room we would tackle first, it was a no-brainer--the nursery!
Remember all the hormonal sweat and tears I poured into the nursery at the old house.

On the slight chance you may have suffered a concussion since then, here's a glimpse of what it look like.

You can view the full reveal and sources here.

Since that room was so short lived before we moved I decided we would replicate it in the new house.
In the mean time, for three lonnnnnggg months this is what we lived with.......

and this....

 and this.......

Hence, why I dubbed it the nursery that was 
swallowed by a one-eyed, one-horned, flyin' purple people eater.

I'm happy to say that today it looks like this. Praise the Lord.

Paint color is Grey Owl by Benjamin Moore. I LOVE this color and can never stop singing it's praises. It is a nice and bright grey, although it comes off a little "muddier" in my pics. I'm still trying to figure out the lighting and how to photograph in this new joint.

As you can see, we still need to tape off and paint the stripes on the nursery wall. Our goal is to have it finished before Little B graduates high school.

Outside of the stripes, we still have a few more items on our to-do list but thankfully they are all pretty simple tasks. Now if we can only find time....

Nursery To-Do List

*Patch and paint the nursery
*Tape off and paint stripes on the crib wall
*Replace ceiling fan with my thrift store chandelier. See makeover here.
*Hang gallery wall and art work. Similar to the old room.
*Hang book shelves. I miss these things!
*Hang puppy butt hooks. Explanation here.  Reading this post just made me teary-eyed! I guess butts can  do that to ya.
*Figure out the curtain situation. In the old nursery we had one big window not 2 small ones. I purchased  these curtain panels from the Land of Nod Outlet over a year ago so I highly doubt they still carry them.  Plus, I'm thinking 2 panels per window may look a little too heavy. Decisions, decisions....
*Organize closet. The nursery at the old house also had 2 closets. The current rack system in the new closet  just isn't cutting it. Mo' clothes, mo'problems. Said. NO. WOMAN. EVER!! I want to attempt to get the Ikea unit back into the closet like we did here.

Hopefully, I will return with a full reveal soon! 
We have a lot of house goals we would like to complete before Christmas and time is a ticking away.

Have you painted any rooms lately? Are you the type of person who finds painting relaxing or do you see it just as another chore on your to-do list?

October 29, 2014

21 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Happy Halloween Eve Eve! 
Are you ready for this Friday? Need some last minute ideas? 
I decided to drag out all the ghosts from my past (well maybe not all of them!) and share a round-up of all the delightfully wicked Halloween ideas that have been shared here on the ol' bloggity-blog.

21 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

{Click on the links to see the projects!}

Halloween Candles 

My Naughty Witch Silhouette Tray

Skeleton Bookmark Favors

Looking for more inspiration?
 Wayfair is also sharing a spooktakular round-up of Halloween printables.
Make sure to check them out!

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

This will be our first Trick or Treating experience in our new neighborhood and I'm a little concerned we're going to run out of candy five minutes in.  I'm not really good at math but I seriously think we have about a million kids who live in this hood. Mostly, I am just sad because this means no leftover candy for me!

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