September 9, 2011

Round Three: The Cute Things You May Not Have Known You Can Buy on Etsy

I’m capping off this series “15 Things You May Not Have Known You Can Buy on Etsy; the Good, the Weird, and the Cute” with some of the most adorable handmade items ever! If you missed the “good” you can check it out here and if you missed the “weird” {boy, oh, boy did you miss out!} then you should run, not walk, over to here.  Next week “Friday’s Dose of Delight” will return.  Now on to the cuteness!






Wearable Plants 


Wearable Planter No. 1 in Avocado from A Wearable Planter


Cake Toppers


It’s hard to miss all the love and thought that went into these items! I hoped you’ve enjoyed this series and perhaps you’ve learned a little bit more about the handmade world.  Seriously, handmade is the bombdiggity { a word we should use more often!}

Have a delightful weekend or should I say a bombdiggity weekend!


sherri lynn said...

That towel is so cute!

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

CUTE!!!! I need that towel for H-man and that necklace is super cool. Gotta check out the weird...

Regina of Live Delightfully said...

Fabulous! And thank you for including bombdiggity in your blog. I feel that's very important. :) haha have a bombdiggity weekend yourself!

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

LOVING this list!! The soap is awesome..and the wearable plant necklace is great!!


Sarah said...

Oh my gosh! Those baby sandals are adorable!! And I love how creative the cake topper is. I always think it's funny when people get custom made cake toppers to represent them as a couple. So much better than a traditional one! :)

Tonia @ said...

Awww..sweet! Those sandals are adorable but they would've driven my kids nuts!!

Marina said...

Oh my, now I wish I bought cake topper also from etsy :D said...

No way, that soap is toooo cute!!! I want that! And that cake topper... that is perfect!

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