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Hi there! My name is Jennifer and I am just a Midwestern gal who's addicted to all things DIY (except for cleaning). I have a strong appreciation for a well detailed party, I love obsessing over home decor, and I believe humor truly is one of the cheapest forms of therapy. 
Don't let the houswife get-up fool ya. I'm a far cry from Suzy Homemaker judging by the fact that we haven't seen our laundry room floor since the year of 2008.

In need of a new creative outlet,  I opened my little modern and charming stationery and invitation shop, Delightfully Noted, in 2010. Besides running my shop I'm also a wife, blogger, and a new mommy.

That's right, on July 11, 2013, we laid our eyes on the most precious little boy ever.
Trust me, there was no doubt he was mine when within seconds of entering this world he grabbed a nurse's stethoscope and attempted to fling it clear across the hospital room.

Don't let that sweet face fool ya.
Photography by Lemonade Stand Photography

We are also parents to two crazy doxies.
{Meet Brylee & Sianna. Did I mention my dogs are good candidates for the Dog Whisperer?}
My husband, aka The Negotiator, {due to his ability to haggle anyone} and I met at the tender age of five on a muddy soccer field. My mad soccer skills must have made quite thee impression because 20 years later he asked me to marry him - in which I laughed in his face; because I didn't have my contacts in, because I am blind as a bat with out said contacts, and because I thought he was playing a joke. We eventually got it all worked out and we married in 2008. The hubby is a man of very few words and I am a woman of many. Mute or not, he has continually remained upbeat and supportive of all my crazy endeavors and DIY home projects.

I hope that you too will enjoy all the comings and goings of my little home here on the web. Here you will find my collection of crafting and DIY projects, decorating  and small biz tips, how to's, girly tid-bits, and other delightful ramblings.
Enjoy your visit!

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Katie said...

I'm not sure how I haven't read this before but what a cute story - 5 years old? that is awesome. and beautiful wedding pic.

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